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Our Rooms

Creating Diverse Learning Environments

Our mission at Tov HaOlam Montessori is to help your child grow, learn, and discover in the most meaningful and joyful way possible. Your child is unique, and so are our programs. We're excited to partner with you to provide an exceptional, personalized education that inspires your child to shine.


Ready to start this incredible journey together? Contact us today to explore how our programs can uniquely benefit your child. We can't wait to welcome you and your family into our close Jewish family.

Infant Classroom


Infant Room: Where Precious Beginnings Unfold.

 6 weeks-18 months

When you walk into our Infant Room at Tov HaOlam Montessori School, you'll immediately sense the care, thought, and research that have gone into creating the perfect environment for your precious little ones. This calm, safe, and stimulating space offers ample room for crawling, exploring, and growth. Here, your child is not just cared for; they are loved deeply and nurtured as if they were our own. It's the place where their journey of discovery begins, and where the earliest memories are formed. We invite you to experience the best start for your child by scheduling a visit to our Infant Room.


Toddler room (18 months-2.5/3 years old.)

At Tov HaOlam Montessori School, our Toddler Room is a place where the magic of early childhood development flourishes. Carefully designed with authentic Montessori materials and activities, our classroom creates an environment where toddlers can thrive. In this room, young minds are gently introduced to the wonders of language, mathematics, and sensorial experiences, fostering exploration, independence, and social interaction. Our goal is to provide an enriching and harmonious foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth."


Preschool/kindergarten room (3-6 year old.)

Step into our Montessori 3-6 year old classroom, and you'll discover a world where beauty meets purpose. Every corner of this space is thoughtfully designed to inspire young minds and ignite their curiosity. It's a place where the harmony of colors, natural materials, and purposeful learning materials creates an environment that breathes life into education. Here, children are free to explore, learn at their own pace, and cultivate a deep love for knowledge. The classroom's order and simplicity are not just aesthetic choices but fundamental elements of the Montessori method, encouraging focus and self-discipline. In the beauty of this space, children find the freedom to grow, to develop a strong sense of independence, and to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.


The space


1. Spacious and Bright Classrooms: Spacious classrooms provide ample room for movement and exploration. Bright, natural lighting creates a stimulating and positive learning atmosphere.


2. Trees, Gardens, and Woods: These natural surroundings offer children the opportunity to connect with nature, sparking their curiosity about the world and providing a serene backdrop for learning.


3. Nature Path: Nature paths encourage physical activity, exploration, and a sense of wonder. Children can discover various plants, insects, and animals, fostering an appreciation for the environment.


4. Mud Kitchen: Mud kitchens allow children to engage in sensory play, promoting fine motor skills, creativity, and a sense of tactile exploration.


5. Outdoor Theater: The outdoor theater is a stage for imaginative play, storytelling, and dramatic expression. It enhances communication skills, creativity, and social interaction.


6. Safe and Fun Playground: Safe and age-appropriate playgrounds are vital for physical development. They promote coordination, balance, and social skills, all while having fun.


These elements collectively offer an enriched learning environment, combining indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to different aspects of a child's development. They encourage physical activity, exploration, creativity, and a deep connection to nature, fostering a holistic approach to early childhood education.

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