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Montesori method



The Montessori Method takes account of the needs, talents, gifts, and individuality of every child. The children learn at their own pace, in an atmosphere where their work is valued which makes learning fun, thus reaching a level of development that provides the necessary skills to have a great start in elementary.

If provided with the right kinds of activities at the right time of development in an atmosphere of respect and freedom, the child will absorb knowledge effortlessly.


There are 4 central ideas to the Montessori method which we apply at Tov HaOlam Montessori School:


It is a method based on the universal characteristics of the child, which are that children have an inborn motivation to learn, they have an absorbent mind and they learn through sensitive periods.


The classroom is a prepared environment, where there is freedom, structure, order, simplicity, aesthetic awareness, and, above all, there is harmony.


The guiding teacher has professional training and deep respect for the child. When rules are needed to offer freedom, these rules are introduced and followed up with care and patience.


To master the Montessori curriculum with its wide range of developmental areas, the child needs a period of 3 years to accomplish this to her or his best abilities.​


Practical life area

This is an important area your child encounters when joining a Montessori school at an early age, an area which imitates many of the day’s routines at home. There are different elements to practical life exercises:


Care for the environment

Preliminary exercises such as carrying a chair or table, opening/closing doors, rolling up/unrolling floormats, carrying trays/baskets or a fragile object, squeezing sponges, opening and closing locks, bottles or boxes, and folding napkins.


Pouring rice, sand, or water, sweeping, dusting, laying the table, preparing food, polishing, washing the tabletop, arranging flowers, and taking care of plants.


Outdoor sweeping, taking care of animals, observing nature, raking leaves, preparing the vegetable garden, feeding the birds, watering the garden, and tidying up after play.


Care of self

Dressing frames such as snap frames, large and small buttons, zippers, hook and eye, buckles, safety pins, bow, and lacing frames.

Washing hands or clothes, polishing shoes, sewing.

Grace and courtesy

Walking around a mat, how to greet people, say thank you and goodbye, how to apologize, waiting for your turn.

Control and coordination of movements

Walking along a line

Playing the silence game


Sensorial area

This is the area where the child carries out activities linked to the senses, helping them to organize and structure the perceptions they have received from the outside world. They develop their:

Visual sense through using cylinder blocks, pink towers, brown stairs, red rods, colour tablets, geometric and leaf cabinets, constructive triangles, geometric figures, decanomial squares, knobbles cylinders or bi- and trinomial cubes.

Auditory sense through using sound boxes and bells.

Tactile sense such as sensitizing fingers, touch boards, touch and baric tablets, fabrics, thermic bottles and tablets.

Olfactory sense such as smelling jars.

Gustatory sense such as tasting bottles.

Stereognostic sense such as geometric shapes, mystery bag, stereognostic bag.


Cultural area

The materials for exploring the sensorial aspects of the world provide keys to the child for further exploration of his world: shape, basic landforms, cultural adaptations in relation to the climates and some of the basic names of places and oceans.

Geography, such as sandpaper and coloured globe, puzzle maps of world and continents, land and water forms, flags.

Botany, such as puzzles of leaf, tree, flower, life cycles, seasons, etc.

Zoology, such as puzzles of animals, animal classification, parts of the body, etc.

Experiments, such as Roman Arch, magnets, sink and float, water and air, volcano, mixing colours, etc.


Language area

When teaching language, we pay particular attention to the phonetic sound every letter makes, followed by the tracing (writing) and recognizing (reading) of each sound.

Spoken language (Hebrew Immersion):

Enrichment of the child’s vocabulary by naming objects of the environment, stories, books, poems, songs, classified cards and nomenclatures, sequential stories, and the farm.

Language training exercises such as sharing news, conversations, question games, and sound games.

Written language exercises such as the sandpaper letters, mechanics of writing (sand tray, chalkboards) and the metal insets.


Mathematics area

At this early age, the child learns mathematical concepts through sensorial activities. The activities call for precision and the child gets familiar with isolated concepts and through repetition arrives at a clear abstraction. These concepts help the child to order their mind. It helps the child to build up spatial awareness of quantities. The mathematics material, such as the recognition of numbers, can be introduced at the early age of 3.


At Tov HaOlam, our Jewish program is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to introducing children to the richness of Jewish culture, traditions, and values. Throughout the year, we'll celebrate the Jewish holidays, sharing their stories and significance with your child. From the joy of Hanukkah and the solemn reflection of Yom Kippur to the warmth of Shabbat, your child will not only learn about these traditions but will also experience the joy of coming together as part of our close-knit Jewish community. We believe that by nurturing an early connection to our heritage, we help children build a strong foundation of identity, values, and belonging."


As the founder of Tov HaOlam and a mother of six, I cannot overstate how paramount safety is to me. My children are my life, and I understand that your child holds that same place in your heart. That's why we've gone to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of every child at our daycare. We've installed a state-of-the-art safety gate, accessible only with a unique passcode provided to each family, giving you peace of mind that only authorized individuals can enter. Our commitment to security extends to our network of security cameras, providing constant monitoring throughout the school. Additionally, we uphold the highest standards of sanitation to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your child. Your child's safety is our top priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining a secure, nurturing, and welcoming place for them to thrive.


We are thrilled to introduce you to our one-of-a-kind Kindergarten journey for your child.


Academic Excellence: Our Montessori curriculum is celebrated for its child-centered approach, fostering a love for learning from a young age. Research consistently shows that children who experience Montessori education tend to perform exceptionally well in school. This foundation equips your child for a future filled with academic success.


Jewish Tradition and Values: At  Tov HaOlam, we're more than just a daycare; we're a warm Jewish community that celebrates tradition and values. Your child will engage in Shabbat celebrations, Hebrew letter learning, and the beauty of our heritage.


Caring Environment: We understand that your child is still very young, which is why our daycare provides a safe, loving, and inclusive atmosphere. We believe in holistic development, nurturing your child both academically and emotionally.


Preparation for the Future: Our program isn't just about today; it's about building a strong foundation for your child's future. By the time they complete our kindergarten program, they'll have the tools they need to excel academically and personally.


Give your child the gift of an impressive academic and spiritually enriching environment. Research supports the benefits of Montessori education, and we invite you to experience it firsthand. Contact us today to schedule a visit and set your child on the path to a bright and successful future.


We understand that a child's journey of exploration extends to the kitchen, and our program is designed to ignite their passion for culinary creativity. Each week, our little chefs eagerly engage in the tradition of Challah braiding and baking, connecting them to our heritage in a delicious way. They also delight in preparing holiday foods and crafting delectable desserts, adding a dash of festive spirit to their culinary adventures. And when available, our children have the unique opportunity to pick their own vegetables from our garden, creating healthy and mouthwatering dishes from their own harvest. Our Culinary Arts Program not only cultivates budding chefs but also encourages healthy eating habits, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. It's a space where your child can mix, stir, and savor the excitement of the culinary world, all under the guidance of our experienced educators. We believe that this program is a recipe for both fun and valuable life skills."



In addition to the enchanting bell work within the classroom, where children explore the magic of melodies through Montessori-inspired activities, our students have the opportunity to explore a symphony of instruments. Guided by our experienced music teacher, who specializes in teaching toddlers through kindergarten ages, your child will discover the joy of music and the magic of rhythm. Through this program, they'll experiment with various instruments, fostering their innate musicality. We believe that music is a universal language that transcends age and enriches the soul, and our Montessori Music Program is designed to awaken the musician within every child while complementing their overall growth and learning journey."



At Tov HaOlam Montessori School, we recognize the multitude of benefits that yoga offers to young children. Yoga encourages physical development, enhances flexibility, and promotes mindfulness and emotional well-being. To harness these benefits, our experienced teachers incorporate yoga seamlessly into the daily routines of our students. Yoga serves as a delightful transition tool, helping children move from early care settings to the classroom with a sense of calm and readiness. Throughout the day, short and playful yoga sessions are integrated into our curriculum, helping children recharge, focus, and manage their emotions. These moments of mindful movement provide a holistic approach to education, supporting not only the physical but also the emotional and cognitive development of each child."


Unlock the World of Hebrew Immersion at Tov HaOlam Montessori School

At Tov HaOlam Montessori School, we are thrilled to announce the potential introduction of an immersive Hebrew program that can become a reality based on your requests. This program promises to be a transformative and enriching experience for your child. Let's explore what this program will offer:


**Language Enrichment**: Our Hebrew immersion program is designed to create a dynamic language-learning experience for children. Through daily exposure to Hebrew, your child will develop an authentic command of the language in a natural and enjoyable way.


**Early Exposure**: Starting as early as infancy and extending through the preschool years, our program leverages the unique ability of young children to absorb new languages effortlessly. Your child's language journey will begin in the most formative years of their life.


**Engaging Curriculum**: Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to ignite your child's curiosity and passion for Hebrew. With exciting themes like Jewish holidays, Israeli culture, and everyday topics, your child will be excited to engage with the language every day.


**Cultural Understanding**: Beyond language proficiency, our Hebrew immersion program offers a profound understanding of Israeli culture. Your child will explore the customs, traditions, history, and heritage of Israel, fostering a deep connection to this vibrant culture.


**Qualified Instructors**: Our team of educators is not only proficient in Hebrew but also deeply experienced in early childhood education. They bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to make learning a joyous adventure.


**Preparation for Future Learning**: By participating in our Hebrew immersion program, your child will acquire not only language skills but also cognitive advantages. Studies consistently show that early bilingualism enhances cognitive flexibility, problem-solving abilities, and cultural awareness. Your child's foundation will set the stage for a lifetime of successful language learning.


**Parental Involvement**: We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Our program encourages parents to actively support their child's language development at home. We'll provide guidance, resources, and opportunities for you to engage in your child's language journey.


**A World of Opportunities**: The benefits of our Hebrew immersion program reach far beyond language proficiency. This program can serve as a strong foundation for your child's future educational and cultural exploration. Whether it's continuing Hebrew language studies or preparing for a Jewish day school education, our program opens the door to endless opportunities.


At Tov HaOlam Montessori School, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing, dynamic, and Jewish-enriched educational experience. We believe that our Hebrew immersion program can be a defining chapter in your child's journey, equipping them with the gift of language and cultural appreciation. We invite you to join us in making this remarkable program a reality for your child.


If you're as excited as we are about this extraordinary opportunity, please let us know. We're here to make this enriching Hebrew immersion journey possible for your child at Tov HaOlam Montessori School.

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