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Meet Our Team

Passionate & Certified

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Rachel Cohen


At Tov HaOlam Montessori Gan, Rachel leads our team with her years of experience and passion for early childhood education. She ensures that our Montessori Gan is a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for your child to thrive.


Leah Levy

Lead Teacher

Leah is a certified Montessori teacher who has been teaching young children for over 10 years. She creates individualized learning plans for each child, so they can learn and grow at their own pace.


David Katz

Assistant Teacher

David is a caring and patient assistant teacher who is always there to support our Lead Teacher and help your child with their daily activities and needs.

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Sarah Cohen

Movement & Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a certified yoga and movement instructor who creates fun and engaging activities to help your child develop their physical abilities and self-awareness.


Rebecca Levy

Language & Mathematics

Rebecca is a skilled teacher who specializes in language and mathematics development. She uses a variety of techniques to promote your child's cognitive development and language skills.

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Rivka Cohen


Rivka is a certified nutritionist who provides expert advice on your child's diet and nutrition. She works with our kitchen staff to ensure that your child is getting the best possible nutrition.

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